Design & Branding

Enhance your image and shine online with our Design & Branding expertise

Welcome to the world of Design & Branding at Jux Wave, your digital agency with expertise in branding and visual creation. We’re happy to guide you in exploring and affirming your identity, in the service of your visibility and impact online and in the marketplace.

Our approach

Analysis and understanding of your brand DNA and values 01

Defining your brand territory and positioning 02

Creation of strong, coherent visual elements 03

Multi-support deployment of your visual elements 04

Monitoring & Continuous adaptation to trends and best practices 05

Continuous improvement of your identity and strategy 06

Key disciplines

Assert your identity with a unique logo and consistent graphic guidelines.

Tell a captivating, authentic story at the heart of your content strategy.

Print your brand on physical media and packaging.

Personalize your visual universe with unique, expressive illustrations.

Bring your ideas to life with striking animations and motion designs.

Quality commitment

At Jux Wave, we rely on close collaboration and constant dialogue to ensure the success of your Design & Branding strategy. Our seasoned experts ensure your satisfaction by proposing innovative, flexible solutions tailored to your digital ambitions.

Let's shine together

Ready to reveal and sublimate your brand thanks to our expertise in Design & Branding?

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